The Future
The future is digital. Information is converted into digital data and has to be available everywhere, more and more rapidly and in ever greater volumes. Broadband communications means connecting the future.

The Powerline Advantage In Information and Communications Infrastructure Delivery
1.Powerline uses the existing and most widely distributed infrastructure for broadband data transmission: the public grid. This means that digital signals traverse the so-called last mile at lightning speed to reach every power socket and thus every household, every office and every industrial and commercial facility. A broadband Powerline network is the universal medium for High speed internet, telecommunications and audio visual access with a single connection.


2.Apart from multimedia transmission, Powerline  utility also allows all the control, management and monitoring functions of a utility company . Powerline turns the public power grid into an IP-based data network and facilitates secure transmission to and from any point in the electricity grid. The end result is cheaper ,more realiable and high speed bandwidth to drive economies and a far better alternative to very expensive Satellite bandwidth.

Products Powerline Will Offer it's Customers

Since 2006 ,DataZA and its renowned BPL market leader (built Powerline networks in several cities in collaboration with various power supply companies, and currently operate one of the world’s largest networks) has been exploring opportunities in Africa. So why don’t you exploit our knowledge and benefit from our experience?
Use Powerline to connect the future as;

From a single source fast internet access, telephone operations, TV, gaming, radio plus home automation and home networking

Energy management of the future: IP-based ripple control and telemetry/telecontrol, meter management and power quality management, station and video monitoring

Powerline turns your power grid into a broadband data highway and offers fast internet access wherever you are, even in areas without Broadband

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